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Jim is the President of O’Neill Power Systems. Jim founded O'Neill Power Systems and since inception has researched and developed cam-driven internal combustion power systems. O’Neill Power Systems has produced proof of concept demonstration units featuring coaxial counter-rotation (“the NorEaster”). Jim received patent US 7,219,631 B1 for the high-torque, low velocity internal combustion engine. The NorEaster has been the subject of student research projects at Worcester Polytechnic Institute under the direction of Professor Robert Norton. Jim received a 2012 Invention Award from Popular Science Magazine for “A Simple Helicopter Engine”. Previously Jim was the President of the Merco Packaging Division of Merkert Enterprises. Jim was also the President of the BDS Marketing Division of Merkert Enterprises. Jim is a consummate inventor and has developed 3 patents. Jim graduated from Bryant and Stratton Business School. He is a veteran of the U. S. Army and retired as a First Lieutenant.



Executive Summary NorEaster (pdf)